An Overview of Suzhou Chien-Shiung Institute of Technology with Features
of Sino-German Cooperative Dual Education


Located in the Science and Technology District of Tai-cang, Suzhou Chien-Shiung Institute of Technology (hereinafter referred to as SCSIT) is a public-run full-time vocational college approved by the people's government of Jiangsu province in July 2004. It is named after the world-famous queen of nuclear physics, C.S. Wu, who was born in Taicang, Suzhou. SCSIT enjoys a superior location of swarming industries in the adjacent Jia-ding District of Shang-hai, Kun-shan City, and a network of highways and railways, including Shang-hai Hong-qiao Hub, Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway, Coastal Highway, Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, and #204 National Highway. The location superiorities make it the high ground of employment and entrepreneurship that students at home and abroad yearn for.

Tai-cang Normal School of Jiang-su founded in 1907, the predecessor to SCSIT, had trained thousands of educational experts including, HU Qiu-wen, the former vice president of National People’s Congress, QIAN Jie-qian, the former admiral-vice president of National Defense University, and HUANG Sheng-nian, a nuclear physicist.  A solid foundation of industry-education integration was paved for transforming into training highly skilled talents after the conglomeration with Jiang-su TV and Radio University Tai-cang Branch, Tai-cang Industrial School, both of which were famous for school-enterprise cooperation.

The ideal of “moderate scale, individualized cultivation, fulfilled career, and individualized development” is consistent in cultivating highly-skilled talents. The core campus covers an area of 700 acres and a building area of 200,000 square meters. The full extent cooperation with Tai-cang National High-tech Zone and its regional enterprises extends the coverage to 88 square km. SCSIT consists of 11 teaching and researching departments, such as School of Business, Sino-German Engineering School, and School of Software and Service Outsourcing, and training bases and social service platforms, such as National Science and Technology park, National Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Training Base, Jiang-su Academy of Small and Medium Enterprises, Graduate Work Station, and Tai-cang Joint University of Enterprises. With nearly 30 majors, more than 6,000 full-time students, three 3+2 undergraduate majors, more than 400 on-job postgraduate students, and an annual social training amount of more than 20,000 students, a regional technical application-oriented talent training system has been established with full-time higher vocational education as the main body, and non-academic education, application-oriented undergraduate professional master as the supplement. SCSIT has more than 500 professional and part-time teachers. Among full-time teachers, senior professional titles account for 37.9%, master's degrees or above, 78.8%, and double-qualified teachers 91.2%. There are a group of high-level talents and provincial and municipal excellent teaching teams, such as Provincial 333 High-end Talents, Academic Pioneers of the Blue Project, Back-bone teachers of the Blue Project, Provincial Talents of Humanities, and Dong-wu Scholars. In recent years, SCSIT has won 1 national teaching achievement award, 6 provincial teaching achievement awards and more than 200 invention patents, ranking top among similar universities in terms of the entrepreneurship and employment quality of graduates.

SCSIT adheres to a characteristic and quality development mode: making full use of local institutional advantages to constantly promote the integration of government, industry, enterprises and colleges; taking advantage of swarming local German enterprises to highlight the characteristics of  dual education; exploiting the spiritual advantage of C.S. Wu to carry forward her spiritual heritage; and utilizing the location advantage of being in the vicinity of Shang-hai, Yan-ze River and the East China Sea to highlight the characteristics of conglomeration of resources.

Remarkable advances have been made in recent years to promote the localization of dual education. SCSIT played the leading role in establishing Association of AHK German Dual Education, which later became the unique Demonstration and Promotion Base for AHK German Dual Education, and provided human resources guarantee attracting German companies to invest and settle in Tai-cang. Excellent performance was graded during two successive talent cultivation evaluation by the Education Ministry, receiving a list of honors including, Demonstrative Higher Vocational Colleges in Jiang-su, Honorary Unit of Jiang-su Vocational Education. The list goes on to Advanced Unit of Graduate Employment, Advanced Unit of Catering Services, Integrity Award in Charging Fees, Harmonious Campus, Red Cross Demonstration College, Demonstration Base for Graduate Entrepreneurship, Demonstration College of Campus Security, Civilized Campus, Specialist School for Chinese Calligraphy, International Cultural Communication Base for Chinese Descendants, Demonstration College for Innovative Education, Demonstration College for Faculty Training, and 2018 Top 50 Asian-pacific Vocational Colleges and so on.

Accumulate virtues to carry the world, and build up body to be great! Welcome, those experts and scholars who are dedicated to vocational education to join us! Welcome, young students from both home and abroad to join us for study and innovation!